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Our Book A Seat Option is Great For Groups of Less Than 6 People.  You Don't Need 15 People to Ride With Us!!  Your Sober Driver Will Guide The Group Down The Road to 2-3 Bars For About 20 Minutes Each.  BYOB!  People Usually Bring 2-3 Beers Per Person, It's $39 Per Seat And The Ride takes 2 Hours From Start To Finish.

Feel Free To Send Us A Quick Message If You Have Any Questions About  The Ride

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  • Sober Driver 
  • $39 Per Seat
  • Onboard Cooler and Cups
  • Wakeboarding Speakers  With Aux Cord
  • We Stop at 2-3 Bars
  • Electric motor assist

  • We booked a bar bike tour for my birthday, and we had the best time! We stoped at 3 different bars along the way, and sang our hearts out while pedaling. Matt (our driver) was so nice and genuine! I highly recommend this if you’re looking for an authentic way to see Austin and have a good time with friends!!!